Like waves of the ocean, change is constant

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Since I’ve moved out of our house June 1st, I’ve spent the night in four different places, and tonight will be the fifth. It has been quite an adventure, and definitely a challenge if nothing else to make sure I get my headdresses done as I have quite a few in the queue right now. Nevertheless, I will make it happen.

The first place I stayed at was at Steph & Ciara’s cozy apartment for a week, in which I was fortunate enough to get my own space in Ciara’s room while she was visiting the big island with two curious little kitties to accompany me that were fascinated by all of the feathers, and I worked day and night, getting in as much work as possible before it was time to go. Steph was also in the process of moving in. Together we were focused and stayed in the entire week getting sh*t done, rewarding ourselves with Mimosa’s every now and then after (and during ;) a hard day’s work…

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The second was a vacation rental in Laie for my friend (former Wompland roomie and forever soul sister) Mo’s mother’s beautiful wedding on the North Shore. It was easily one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of attending – and I even got to do a fire hula for them for the fire show reception!

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The rental home – What an incredible place! with a deck overlooking the water and a few steps from the beach – I slept under the star studded sky, surround sound waves crashing all around us and a full moon surrounded by shape-shifting clouds. A dream, really. A place where you could see both the sun set to the left and the sun rise to the right, with a jaccuzzi to boot and let’s not forget cards against humanity! – definitely not the time or place to work, so I accepted (happily and with joy I might add) that I wouldn’t be able to work and instead just relax and enjoyed the vacation with her family, going on daily beach trips and a gorgeous waterfall hike in Kalihi called ice ponds. Her family made me feel like I was one of their own. I felt like I was on my own happy vacation to paradise, and what an incredibly fun vacation it was – I even got a chance to pull out my drawing pad and to create a couple of swirly doodles.

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Still, work has steadily been coming in and I most definitely can’t complain, but the tension is rising as I know that I must fulfill all of these orders no matter what. The third and fourth place were just one night’ers, and again not the time or place to work, but I did what I could to take care of business that I needed to do online. The other night I wasn’t sure where I was going to stay, so I made a post in our FB friend group about needing a place to stay for one night, and within a couple of hours I got five responses from friends, generously offering me their places. So grateful to have all of these wonderful people welcome me into their home. I am so blessed.

Tonight, I am here at my friend Sandra’s home. Small and quaint and filled with her beautiful creative energy. Filled with healing stones and paintings. I can’t say enough good things about her, and am thankful she is letting me stay here the next few days. I am going to just settle in tonight, and then work as much as possible without disturbing her sacred space with crafts and feathers. I am quite enjoying it here, she has an outside area with a table and kitchen where I can setup tomorrow. I’ve been here outside since I got here, catching up on emails and what not on my laptop, while listening to the trees rustle in the wind and the rain come and go…

This past week has been heaps of beachy fun! Every day has been a new adventure, but these next few days need to be focused. What is a bit frustrating is that I’ve been saying for months to people that they need to put their orders in before June as that marks the beginning of my busiest season and now that I’m leaving friends are coming out of the wood works requesting a headdress and I simply don’t have enough time to make them all (I’m not going to be making headdresses while I’m traveling as they require double the time, more supplies, etc so once I am off this island and on the mainland I will only be making mohawks and earrings until January) – not to mention friends want to do several fun things on the daily before I go, it’s my last couple of weeks in Hawaii and I’ll have to spend most of them indoors working morning to night :( It’s so hard because I won’t be back here until next year!!! I can’t lie, I’m a bit overwhelmed, especially since my workspace is inconsistent and I don’t know where I’ll be from one day to the next. I just have to be grateful for the work and make sure the ones that have already paid and put their orders in will have them done in time. Those that haven’t…well…we’ll see what happens. So far new orders I’ve been letting them know that there is a delay in getting them completed and for the most part that hasn’t been a problem for anybody.

Once I’m in Oregon I’ll have more of an idea of where I’ll be and how much of a workload I can take on. Either way, I am blessed, blessed, blessed and thankful even for the frustrations. I would be even more frustrated if no work was coming in! Will go to sleep early tonight and wake up ready to get some feathery creative work done! I haven’t bought my flight yet but based on Airfare prices it looks like I’m going to be buying a one way ticket to Eugene, Oregon on July 5…I’m really going to miss this beautiful place of Aloha – especially my friends here – but excited to see who I meet, where I go and what happens next in my beautiful book of life…

Love, Light & Aloha,

Michelle aka Birdie aka Artisticalshell <3